A Modern Kitchen with Streamlined Design


Picture smooth stone countertops devoid of small appliances and whatever else accumulates in the kitchen atop cabinets without any fussy, dated detailing and appliances so sleek they almost disappear. These days, nothing sounds dreamier than a modern kitchen with streamlined design and absolutely no clutter. But for some, the term “modern kitchen” conjures visions of a personality-less space that can come across as cold or sterile, even austere. Happily, here to poke holes in that perception with 20 designer modern kitchens that prove minimalist design can be warm and inviting, especially depending on surface material and finish selections for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and flooring. Minimalist lighting can also go along way towards streamlining the look and feel of a kitchen. In fact, thoughtful design of modern kitchens can allow more homeowner personality to shine—even in small kitchens—as kitchen elements take a backseat to personal ones like art and other collections. Whether you prefer a white kitchen or a kitchen with color, you’ll find kitchen decor ideas for every aspect of designing the ideal cookspace for you, from kitchen lighting ideas and cabinet ideas to barstools and kitchen island ideas. one stop service for you, more idea!

People Either Love Minimalism, or Completely Reject It


People either love minimalism, or completely reject it. If you are a fan of minimalism, then you like its simplicity and its lightness and the motto “Less is more” GAOSUN will mean a lot to you. Controlling chaos with the tools and techniques of design create a sense of freedom and yet the space does not seem empty and lifeless. We mentioned the basic features and principles of minimalism in interior design that are the guidelines you need to follow when you want to design a modern Curio shelves, GOSUN brand minimalist furniture design ideas are based on the main elements of the interior of any other room in the house–walls, flooring, lighting, furniture, decoration. Let’s give a more detailed attention to the elements, the choice and combination of colors and materials and how you can make them work together harmoniously.

Minimalist Closet Design Ideas


Minimalist closet design ideas are all about rationality, functionality and comfort. GOSUN minimalist closet allows you to create a living space free of clutter and the whole home design is more comfortable and functional as all clothing, footwear, sports equipment, etc. are organized separately. In many modern closets designed in minimalist style the neutral colors accentuate and highlight the minimalist concept. In combination with metal elements and flat ceiling lights such designs look especially modern and quite original. GOSUN Minimalist closets do not feature bright, bold or vivid colors. On the contrary–we use one basic color and combine it with a complementary or contrasting shade, depending on the desired effect. The most typical color for minimalist interiors is Grey. In addition, concrete walls are also widely used as well as black and white color combination. Some minimalist interiors use wall panels made of natural or synthetic materials, such as oxidized aluminum profiles , tempered glass and textured wood, artificial and natural stone.

Aluminium Modular Kitchen Designs


From those looking to remodel their kitchen to those setting up one for the first time, aluminium modular kitchen designs are a fast-emerging trend in the world of modular kitchens. The sleek and contemporary look of an aluminium kitchen makes it a natural fit in modern modular kitchen designs. However, an aluminium kitchen cabinet does more than lending aesthetics to your kitchen design. It’s the functional benefits of an aluminium kitchen cabinet that has led to the trend’s popularity. While all of us would like MasterChef-like setups for our kitchens with walk-in pantries, the fact is, our urban lifestyles constrain us to make do with limited space, particularly in the kitchen. Which means your cooking area, utensil storage and pantry all have to co-exist within the same space. In come kitchen cabinets and modular kitchen designs that bring order for a seamless and organised kitchen experience. Wooden and fibreboard kitchen cabinets may have been the material of choice for modular kitchen designs for some time but aluminium modular kitchen designs are fast gaining traction.

Walk-in Wardrobe


GOSUN walk-in wardrobe made of glass, aluminum and wood, Walk-in is a jewel among walk-in wardrobes: Exciting features are accentuated with the use of aluminum, glass and wood. By combining the materials used in whatever way you see fit, you will receive a customized built-in cabinet which meets your individual requirements: Open cabinet systems equipped with translucent glass which look sophisticated and mysterious, and protect your clothing. The flexible frame system can be fitted with your choice of panels so that the Walk-in has a delicate, open look or a classic, closed look. The cabinet elements can also be used to design a free-standing cabinet. In this way, a harmonious living space characterized by minimalism, elegance, design, precision and luxury is born. From these components, KRC have developed Walk-in for extremely discerning customers. The space generating, cutting-edge system furniture can completely redefine living areas and is consistently thought of as “interior architecture”. With its extremely flexible frame concept, it provides an almost infinite number of design and usage options. Walk-in is an innovative system furniture range for walk-in wardrobes and living areas.

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